The aura of this space is sacred and the vibes homely and welcoming. The naturally open green spaces surrounding the house, helps the guest unwind and relax.

As you enter the gazebo, you will feel the warm hug of the house. Its the kind of space, you would want to sip your chai or read a book in peace or just curl up, to watch the day, slowly unfold.
Moving in, you see the heart and soul of the house, its open to sky courtyard. The sight is guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips and lighten up your mood. From maintaining a cooler indoor temperature to providing natural indirect light, it feels lovely in every season.
Moving across the corridoor of handmade cement tiled flooring, is the living and dining area. A cozy space, with east facing glass doors, allowing the first rays of the morning sun to breakthrough, together with the aroma of freshly cooked breakfast infiltrating your senses. There’s no other space you would want to be in, before you start your day.
Right behind the living and the dining area is a huge garden peripheried by lush green trees and the most sacred space of the house, its temple. The divine vibrations of this place bestows unbelievable peace and tranquility to the entire space.
We hope we have the chance
to welcome you here one day.